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Silk turbans make for a healthier head of brilliantly shiny hair, especially when added to your nightly routine. Silk keeps your hair hydrated, encouraging stronger, less brittle hair. While cotton may absorb your hair's natural moisture and oils, silk locks in hydration and encourages your hair's natural movement.

Product description: 


Double lined inside and out

100% pure mulberry silk 

Adjustable elastic band 

One size fits all  21” -28” inches (54cm – 72cm)


100% pure mulberry silk 


Reduces creases & snags overall gentle on hair  

Indian Princess Hair Silk Turbans and Silk Scrunches are specially created to deliberately support all hair care routines to achieve a more effective outcome.  To provide the ultimate results we used the highest grade mulberry silk, with the thickness of 22 momme, keeping in mind quality and health we also used non-toxic dyes to achieve the beautiful colors of our turbans 

Silk can be described as the ultimate hair and beauty sleep weapon, silk hair turbans, silk pillowcases and silk hair scrunches are the needed accessories to maintain “ just walked out of the salon” locks. 

Silk benefits for hair: 

Shiny Hair 


Stronger hair 

Reduce breakage and brittleness

Locks in hairs natural moisture and oils