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Empowering Women

Indian Princess Hair is committed to empowering women by building self-confidence through the power of beauty. Confidence is important at any stage in life, it can empower you to drive yourself further, and to have a greater sense of self-worth.


The Purest Unprocessed Hair...

Indian Princess Hair has personal relationships with various Indian temples, and manufacturers to ensure total control of the production process from start to finish. The raw hair is donated to the temples in an act of devotion, it is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and manufactured into our “red carpet” collection.

Our standout quality is using unprocessed hair: it means the hair is unaltered with zero chemical processing; no acid wash, no bleached, no dyes, silicone or heat conditioning, no heat processing, never permed or relaxed, no hennas, no coatings, no steam textured, Keratin or gloss treated, artificially scented or altered in any way from its natural state. 

 This ensures that the extensions mimic your own natural hair and guarantees a natural look and feel, with a result of a full head of shiny healthy hair that will turn heads and leave a long-lasting impression.

  • Aysa is a gem. She CUSTOM MADE me a wig after I had been diagnosed with cancer. When I received the wig I was blown away - long, flowing curls and hair that came perfectly styled as is so I could wear it right away


  • I have exclusively worn IPH Extensions over the years of my modeling career. It is the only wefted hair I trust to look natural on camera and real life and maintain it’s quality after whatever styling is done on set. The best hair ever!


  • I got introduced to the Indian Princess hair experience in 2010. When I tell you - this hair lasted for more than 3 years. I didn't dye, cut or do anything outside of getting it washed, conditioned and curled... If you want luxurious, authentic Indian hair, look no further. It’s IPH for me.


All Items Ship Within 7-14 Days!

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